Foundations: Led by Xuul Ran, the legions of the depths prepare to unleash themselves onto terra firma. From deep in their laboratories, the scientists of the Abyss are creating creatures with imagination-defying psychic powers designed to serve up the world as fodder to Kraken.

Warlords: The people of the surface discover to their horror the strength of the Sylth warriors. Guided by their oracle, Alachiaa, the Sylth return to the surface from which they were chased many thousands of years ago, to quench their thirst for revenge. And they come armed with a devastating live weapon known as Sheshko.

Darkness: Ancestral enemies of the Psonn, the members of the Order of the Sylth knights have converged in a disaster zone, bringing with them Wyztuur’s master-creation: Baroo, a genetically modified creature that can devour anything in its path. But their most fearsome ally remains Emeeril, the Great Oracle turned lunatic. Sealed in the chamber of Kraken, the sister of Alachiaa has been held captive to be used as the ultimate weapon against the threat of the Psonn.

Release dateEdit

abyss were one of the first fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

Advantages & DisadvantagesEdit


Abilites are plentiful, many cards contain poison, reduction and STop Opponent.

Monsterous cards tend to have large attack values


Vulnerable to Stop Ability/Bonus

Relies a lot on poisons to overcome low damage


  • Alachiaa swaps Foundation and Warlords with Xuul Ran, since many players complain about Xuul Ran.


Sortable Table:

Name Rarity Expansion
Aanilda Rare Foundations
Alachiaa Epic Warlords
Daneeo Common Foundations
Emeeril Epic Darkness
Erleen Common Foundations
Er Waan Rare Warlords
Estriide Startup Foundations
Fleern Rare Foundations
Gaano Common Warlords
Goork Common Foundations
Gwalaa Uncommon Darkness
Kaah Uncommon Warlords
Karadaan Uncommon Foundations
Manamoo Rare Darkness
Oween Startup Foundations
Radoraan Rare Warlords
Sheshko Epic Warlords
Sofreen Uncommon Warlords
Sooko Common Warlords
Vluun Uncommon Warlords
Welha Daa Common Warlords
Wyztuur Common Darkness
Xuul Ran Epic Foundations
Zaarwan Rare Darkness
Zeta Sook Uncommon Foundations






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