Foundations: As guardians of the forests, they are the servants of nature. In the image of Oegan, the disciples of the Unicorn possess the slow-burning wisdom of the oak and the brutality of the turbulent torrents. Keepers of ancient knowledge, they do all they can to protect nature from the scourge of war and if needs be with the help of their crossbows and swords.

Warlords: From the heart of the Alliance’s sacred forest, Oljaneik leads the forces of nature into war. With neither cruelty nor joy, the warriors of life move into the attack and unleash upon their enemies their most powerful creature, Murw Gorog.

Darkness: The wave of black magic has devoured the Sacred Forest, leaving in its wake a deep scar within its depths. Sylvathir Velasur, the legendary elf leader, has mobilized his Autumn Guard to defend Alliance territory. He has gathered together his Summoning Stones to call up the Elemental Guardians and put a stop to the corruption. But who would have believed that a young recruit would be able to conjure up from the unstable torrents of Westwood, Blistar the Supreme Protector!

Release dateEdit

The Alliance were one of the first fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

Advantages & DisadvantagesEdit


  • They have base high power  (8, 9)
  • Damage reducers doesn't affect them.
  • They have Life and Cure abilities.


  • Major part of the faction has low damage.
  • They rely on their abilities and bonus.



Sortable Table:

Name Rarity Expansion
Akem Rare Warlords
Barastar Uncommon Darkness
Belleren Uncommon Warlords
Blistar Epic Darkness
Delija Uncommon Foundations
Delm Rare Foundations
Elad Uncommon Warlords
Elea Common Warlords
Fenrir Uncommon Foundations
Feragar Rare Darkness
Geia Uncommon Warlords
Leowyn Rare Warlords
Lereleil Common Warlords
Loeken Common Warlords
Luva Common Darkness
Midir Common Foundation
Murw Gorog Epic Warlords
Oegan Epic Foundation
Oljaneik Epic Warlords
Sheleya Rare Darkness
Shya Common Darkness
Tena Common Foundation
Umeek Common Foundations
Waener Start-Up Foundtion
Yastar Shumak Rare Foundations
Ydgran Start-Up Foundations






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