"Travel book of the reclusive Covendeirp"

Part IV Chapter V: The Guardian Wild

"I think" "not appreciate" "is an understatement, Dean. " I turned to see a Elendir ... not to admire Lord. It was without doubt 'of Andor the Guardian. It was much larger than the few Elendirs I had crossed and his impressive body was matched only by his titanic wood. "Here Andor , Guardian Pins blacks and as such, one of the protectors of the Flower Life, "clarified Hamestro . "I do not want to be introduced to this creature, Hamestro . I came as soon as I heard Esmy and Shan talk. " He turned to me, the look of animosity: "Listen to me abroad, I saw my family killed by the hands of those of your kind, whether Dragon or Phoenix. You're not welcome here. " "But ... Esmy is also my case ... " "She is a collateral damage of your incessant struggles and remains innocent. I recognize someone innocent when I see it, and while you breathe the hidden evil and guilt. Only dare lay a hand on one of mine and I swear by your head Nalassa jump. " And he went suddenly as it came.