Foundations: Out of the cinders of the war against the Titans rose up the legions of the Phoenix, united by faith and guided by light. Protected by Voel and his indestructible armor, the Cacicium of the Prime Glow reigns over the Empire from his golden fortress, awaiting the day when a new Emperor will rise up.

Warlords: Accompanying Ebu and the Empire marauders wherever they venture, Heraxyn purifies the souls of the enemies of imperial law and order with her flames. The magic of the Phoenix is strong within her and seems to strengthen with each new victory she claims.

Darkness: The Inquisitors of the Golden Mantle, led by Noeptus the Executor, have been deployed to help the proud Guard of Westwood fend off the Psonn in the Suburbs. The holy mission of this Inquisitor elite is to restore order and purge the region of the new evil that is now rife there. In order to achieve this, Losarth the pyromaniac Inquisitor, will not hesitate to purify the whole of Westwood, if needs be, with the Flame of the Phoenix.

Release dateEdit

The Empire were one of the first Fractions, They were released with Fantasy Rivals on November, 21st, 2012.

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Sortable Table:

Name Rarity Expansion
Alastor Rare Darkness
Ann Rare Foundations
Antigone Uncommon Darkness
Astalfus Common Foundations
Benon Common Darkness
Berenice Uncommon Darkness
Celia Common Foundations
Clenonice Start-Up Foundations
Dominicius Uncommon Darkness
Eanie Uncommon Warlords
Ebu Epic Warlords
Eoko Common Warlords
Ermos Uncommon Warlords
Heraxyn Epic Warlords
Hermocrates Rare Warlords
Justinius Rare Warlords
Lucius Common Warlords
Lydia Uncommon Warlords
Lars Uncommon Foundations
[[Meletios] Common Warlords
Octavius Start-Up Foundations
Pelearh Uncommon Foundations
Selna Common Foundations
Tiberius Rare Foundations
Voel Epic Foundations






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